Create a Fun & Functional Kid Space

I’m surrounded at the moment, with new beautiful babies. So precious and small, though they don’t stay so small for long.  So I thought I’d dedicate this blog to all the new mummies or to be new mummies who might need a little inspiration for their precious little ones.

Creating a dedicated space can be a challenge if you don’t have a spare room, hopefully you’ll be able to grab a few ideas below that you will be able to incorporate into your home, that’ll keeps it functional for years to come.

Types of play.  Ensure there are appropriate surfaces for all imaginations. Ample floor space and a table for activities. A cork board or peg board in front of a table against a wall is perfect for multi storage uses.  Consider area rugs or carpet tiles over carpet that can attract stains, as a rug or carpet tiles are easier to replace.

Create a gallery wall.  A super place for you children’s art to be displayed.  Use simple frames or invest in a hinged frames that the artwork can easily be taken out and replaced when new masterpieces need to go up.


Dedicated zones for specific tasks.  We should encourage reading as an early age so a comfy reading nook is ideal, bean bag are perfect and a bookshelf to accommodate an array of books.  Fill the space with soft toys of story book characters and real-life elements from fiction books to help stimulate their imagination.  Desks for homework for school aged children.  If shared with younger siblings, screen these area off for a more productivity.

Dedicated storage.  If wardrobes are available organise well with storage containers that are marked with content.  Place items suitable for smaller persons lower for easy access.  Open cube shelves are perfect if no wardrobes.  Cane or decorative storage boxes are a plenty at the moment and can hide lots.  Up-cycle lockers painted brightly to add personality.

Add a whiteboard or chalkboard wall.  Let the creative side run wild with these special walls.  They can be wiped clean and start fresh every day.  A panel of metal sheeting is perfect for magnet play.  Even a large metal tray can be screwed to the wall.


Music play. Inspire them young to explore music through instruments.  Start simple will recorders, tambourines and keyboards.  As they progress a drum kit could be on the cards, consider soundproofing this space if a likely direction.

Don’t have the space?  Special hiding spots always are exciting for youngsters.  A tent or tepee create a fun hideaway and encourages them to explore all aspects of their imagination.  The secret is to be organised with play areas.  Don’t have all their toys out at once.  Rotate them and encourage them to always put their toys away at the end of each day.


Gaming Zone.  Our kids are becoming quite tech savvy at a young age.  A television with gaming consoles are usually a standard addition.  Always remember to monitor their play and put time restrictions to encourage multiple play options.

Let the fun begin!


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